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Branding Development

MassChallenge is the most the startup-friendly accelerator on the planet. During my time there, the organization underwent rapid growth expansion launching full accelerator programs in Mexico, Switzerland, Israel, Texas, and going on its 2nd year, UK. With rapid global growth, comes rapid brand development and further honing visual consistency and language.


I helped further develop the iconography language and expanding our visual library. Utilizing design thinking processes, I was lead visual design producer on global projects including impact reports, infographics, digital marketing campaigns, social media ad campaigns, major fundraising collateral, event design, and brand elements. Additionally, I was responsible for monitoring global content in all MassChallenge locations to ensure alignment with master brand identity.


The 5 key startup industries MassChallenge started out with

Initial icons created by Good to Goat


As MassChallenge grew, there was the need to expand the isometric iconography language ie subindustries, and their visual library.

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